Bob Cassels

by Admin 09/19/2022

Bob is an experienced software engineer who produces robust, principled designs and solid implementations across a range of projects from microcode to compilers and language design to web apps to multi-tier enterprise applications. Working individually and as a leader, he mentors young engineers and teams, fostering personal growth and psychological safety to encourage productivity and creativity. He has a BS and MS in computer science from Michigan State University. He worked toward a PhD in the Theory of Computation group at MIT, before leaving to do software development at Apple, iRobot, Google, and other companies.

Deeply interested in education, Bob volunteers his time in many ways, especially supporting STEAM teachers. He co-developed and -taught a professional development course for elementary school math teachers. He designed and built prototypes of inexpensive autonomous toy cars which are being used to engage middle and high school students in learning programming, computer vision, and artificial intelligence. He serves on the advisory board for the Computer Programming and Web Development vocation at Boston Public Schools’ Madison Park Technical Vocational High School.

Bob likes spending time outdoors, riding his bike, discovering new places, and listening to live music.

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