Caroline Scavotto

by Admin 09/30/2022

Caroline spent the first 4 years of her career working at a small health tech company. She loved the mission of the company, which focused on an electronic health record system for the behavioral health and mental health space, as well as learning how to debug and modernize a 20-year-old legacy codebase. More recently, Caroline spent 4.5 years working on various teams at Wayfair. She started out on the inventory team; moving logic from SQL functions and stored procedures into .NET apps, decoupling inventory logic from internal warehouse logic, and learning how to work on a system that processes thousands of rows of data a minute and has an aggressive 99.99% uptime. She moonlighted on a team working to implement custom logic for large appliance suppliers, consulting on how to set up inventory logic in a reusable manner before moving over to the supplier side of Wayfair. Caroline architected and implemented multiple systems to automate supplier onboarding; starting with a system to allow internal associates to test sending documents between new suppliers and Wayfair, and ending with a python microservice architecture to set up suppliers’ integration settings and connect a modern UI to a legacy database system. Last year, she moved into engineering management and worked to provide her engineering team with individual opportunities to grow as the team worked on a large project to overhaul Wayfair’s supplier model and completely automate new supplier onboarding.

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