Joe Fuller

by Admin 09/19/2022

Joseph Fuller is a Professor of Management Practice at the Harvard Business School, the co-director of the school’s long-term project, Managing the Future of Work, and a co-head of the Harvard Project on the Workforce. He is a Visiting Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and studies issues related to employment and income polarization and the relationship between talent and economic competitiveness. Specifically, he has focused on the ‘skills gap’ and opportunities to expand work-based learning programs, such as apprenticeships. His research on the workings of the “care economy” in the United States focuses on the impact that episodic and predictable caregiving obligations have on workers, their career paths and the implications for employers. His 2021 study, Hidden Workers, Untapped Talent, explores how the processes companies use to attract and evaluate job candidates contributes to the growing labor shortage in the developed world, while ongoing research focuses on the future of work more broadly, specifically the growth of non-traditional employment relationships, the impact of caregiving obligations on the workforce and employee productivity, the best practices of American community colleges in working with employers and strategies for lifting workers out of low paying jobs.

Prior to joining the Harvard Business School faculty, Joe was a co-founder and long-time CEO of Monitor Group, the global consultancy now called Monitor-Deloitte. He is a graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Business School and a director of PVH Corporation, Aera Technology and a trustee of Western Governors University.

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