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Leading workforce organizations and training providers use our analytics to recommend individuals based on potential and to deliver personalized pathway recommendations. Our outcomes-based approach ensures that our partners learn from their data assets in real time.

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Data-driven employer matching

The Challenge

Our Customer needed a more scalable way to assess candidates and match to the right employer; previously they were having to hire more admissions staff for each decision.

The Solution

AdeptID models (trained on customer data) helped shortlist candidates to employers.

The Result

Our Customer was able to reduce time spent on matching and saw more matches of higher quality.

The leading talent matching software for the workforce without college degrees. They align perfectly with our mission of creating a diverse group of future leaders.

- Emma van Dijkum, VP, Product, Multiverse

Personalized program selection

The Challenge

Large numbers of Our Customers’ applicants did not enroll in training because they could not pick the right courses.

The Solution

AdeptID set up a tool on top of the customer platform that leverages their recommendations.

The Result

The Customer could clearly integrate their own data with AdeptID recommendations on training to serve their employer clients and end-users.


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