Staffing companies use our matching software to surface and recommend talent for hard-to-fill roles, with a focus on hourly, frontline, and entry-level talent. We are particularly successful in identifying talent that would not pass typical filters. In other words, we can find and support talent in new places and from diverse backgrounds. Our network of vocational training providers and employer coalitions gives us unique access to upwardly mobile talent.

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Expanding the addressable talent pool

The Challenge

Our Customer wanted to offer their employer clients data-driven insights into how to increase access for opportunity talent and diverse talent.

The Solution

AdeptID built a suite of tools for workforce planning that customer advisory services professionals use to put data/insights into their presentations.

The Result

The Customer could clearly integrate their own data with AdeptID recommendations on job recommendations and skills training to serve their employer clients and end-users.

This partnership will enable Enel to develop a stronger pipeline of diverse candidates from all backgrounds and provide mobility opportunities for local workers to transition into the renewables industry.

- Marcus Krembs, Head of Sustainability, Enel Green Power

How Can Our Engine Help You Empower Talent?