AdeptID Becomes B Corporation; Joins The Movement

by Admin 11/02/2022

AdeptID is now fully B Corp Certified!

From our founding in 2020, we’ve been chartered as a public benefit corporation, meaning that our founding documents highlight our obligations to stakeholders (rather than only equity shareholders). We believe that it is necessary to view our mission from a holistic perspective to see who it truly affects and in what ways.

Considering this, we make it imperative to positively impact those that are a part of the work we do. That stretches from partners to clients to the many people we help find positions. AdeptID was looking to join a group of other companies with similar values. Becoming a part of B Corp means taking a commitment to uphold the principles crucial to the movement:

  • Purpose: Benefit corporations commit to creating public benefit and sustainable value in addition to generating profit. This sustainability is an integral part of their value proposition.
  • Accountability: Benefit corporations are committed to considering the company’s impact on society and the environment in order to create long-term sustainable value for all stakeholders.
  • Transparency: In most regions, benefit corporations are required to report, in most states annually and using a third party standard, to show their progress towards achieving social and environmental impact to their shareholders and in most cases the wider public.

The process of becoming a B Corporation certified organization included:

1.  Completing B Lab’s initial impact assessment – where we documented company practices, such as: employee onboarding practices, ownership structure, environmental footprint, and business model.

2. That gave us a score well above the required threshold to move through to the review process and pending B Corp status.

3. From there, we passed through the evaluation and verification queues.

4. Finally, we signed the B Corp Agreement!

“This process was really positive for us as a company, as it helped us adopt practices that are part of being a healthy, respectful company, and it gave us credit for the thoughtfulness that’s gone into our business model.”

– Fernando Rodriguez-Villa, CEO & Co-Founder

This is another huge milestone for AdeptID and a tangible statement in support of an accountable and responsible economy.

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