5 Ways AdeptID Transforms Recruitment for Staffing Firms

by Katie Kamio 03/07/2024

As a staffing firm, your success hinges on your ability to connect the right candidates with the right employers at the right time. AdeptID’s candidate scoring and recommendations help you do just that. Here are five ways AdeptID transforms recruitment for our staffing partners:

1. Sort Candidates, Faster

AdeptID’s AI-powered matching system allows you to sort through candidates faster than ever , finding the best matches for your clients’ open roles. For one client, the average screening time for a set of recruiters went from 4 hours to under 45 minutes – ~6x improvement! 

2.  Find More Passive Candidates

AdeptID helps you tap into a larger pool of candidates outside of your existing database. Our platform analyzes a wide range of data to identify qualified candidates who may not be actively job searching. This enables you to find hidden talent and gain a competitive edge in the recruitment market.

3.  Match Preferences of Talent and Employers

AdeptID’s models take into account the preferences of both candidates and employers to find the best matches. Our system considers factors such as skills, experience, location, and personal preferences to ensure both parties are satisfied with the placement.

4. Create Career Pathway Recommendations

AdeptID generates career pathway recommendations for non-degreed talent on your platform. By analyzing candidate skills and experience, our system can suggest potential career paths and job openings that align with job seekers’ interests and abilities.

5. API-First Connection

Application fatigue is real. That’s why we built our product API-first. Our set of matching APIs run in the background of your existing ATS and CRM workflow, meaning your recruiters don’t need to log into another tool.

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