It’s Time to Rethink How We Define the Workforce. 

by Katie Kamio 03/28/2024

Tech solutions, particularly the ones that use AI, reflect the data they are trained on – whatever data is available. For HR and Talent solutions, this is a problem, because the data available isn’t telling the real story of the workforce.

If you just looked at the data available on talent, you would think that everyone has  four-year degrees and nice linear career paths, inadvertently underrepresenting nearly 70% of the US workforce.

By expanding our scope and considering non-degreed talent and those with varying career paths, we can unlock untapped potential, foster inclusivity, and create opportunities for those who don’t fit the conventional mold. 

We’re proud partners of Year Up, OneTen, JFF, Per Scholas, and others that are driving the skills-first hiring movement and gathering the data to reflect that real workforce. 

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