AdeptID partners with Year Up and Grads of Life

by Fernando Rodriguez-Villa 02/04/2021


We are pleased to announce our partnership with Grads of Life and Year Up to implement predictive analytics into how employers close the Opportunity Divide through Middle-Skilled hiring.

The current economic crisis and the renewed focus on equitable opportunity have prompted employers to invest in efforts to close the opportunity divide. Increasingly, these employers are calling for sophisticated, outcomes-based analytics to present areas where they can promote equity through inclusive, skills-based hiring.

Grads of Life is a market-leading, employer-facing initiative within the national skilling organization Year Up whose mission is to close this opportunity divide. Their research on degree inflation with Harvard Business School has drawn attention to the importance of hiring based on skills rather than degrees. They work directly with employers to achieve more equitable outcomes through changing internal practices and building strong, more inclusive talent strategies.

Thanks to this partnership with AdeptID, Grads of Life’s employer partners will have access to analytics showing them existing and potential talent across the country and particularly in their areas of operation. These insights can help them identify which jobs they should prioritize to reach their equity objectives, whether those include mitigating degree inflation, providing stepping stone opportunities, or improving representation.

These macro-level Grads of Life tools will also be integrated with AdeptID’s recommendation engine, which will allow them to process real outcomes data from their employer partners. The resulting employer-specific insights and benchmarking can inform optimal talent strategy and track progress against goals.

Watch this space for updates as these tools are implemented with Grads of Life’s partners, and for more examples of how our recommendation engine is being put to valuable use in promoting middle-skilled mobility.

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