Alexander Chow-Yen joins the AdeptID team as a Software Engineer

by Admin 02/14/2022

Alex is a first generation American, father of two, and brings a unique perspective to his role as a Software Engineer with the AdeptID team. Alex was was well on his way to management as a top selector in the warehouse and storage industry, but when Covid became more prevalent, he was troubled by the potential volatility of a sudden job loss. At that time, he began coding daily, strengthening his knowledge and practice in different languages, preparing for a future career transition into tech. The interest and quick learnings in coding, paired with a drive to provide for his family, pushed Alexander to leave his job as a warehouse selector, all in the throes of a global pandemic, and begin work as a software developer.

Alex is currently working to complete his Bachelors from Western New England University, where he is majoring in Computer Science.

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