Welcome Amanda, Sumegha, Joe, and Pannaga!

by Admin 06/21/2022

AdeptID is excited to share our newest team members for the Summer and Fall! We’re expecting great things from these four talented, mission-driven folks!

Sumegha Singhania

Software Engineer

Sumegha is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Robotics from Northeastern University. Prior to her Master’s, Sumegha worked at Oracle as a Software Development Engineer for two years, where she designed and developed critical frameworks for enhancement and upkeep of the Oracle database.


In her free time Sumegha enjoys swimming, reading, sketching, painting, trying new activities and exploring new places!

Amanda Roberts

Product Manager

Amanda became interested in upskilling, reskilling, and the future of work while managing robotic installations at Amazon. She worked closely with contractors and temporary laborers who were fearful of the automation and robotic systems coming to their communities and the impact to their jobs and the labor market. Through this experience, she became passionate about helping individuals prepare for work in a rapidly changing job market. She also has experience in new product launches and supply chains. Amanda holds a B.E. from Dartmouth and is currently pursuing her MBA at Harvard Business School.


Outside of work, Amanda enjoys spending time outside, running, hiking, or biking, reading, and traveling with friends and family.

Joseph Triano

Marketing Associate

Joseph is working towards his Bachelor’s degree in International Business from Northeastern University. With a passion for marketing, he spent a year generating exposure for clients at Noble Steed Music. Joseph believes that everyone deserves the opportunity to find their optimal job fit and recognizes the need for DEI in the workplace. 


When not working, Joseph likes to spend his time playing ice hockey, snowboarding, traveling and making music. 

Pannaga Veeramohan

Software Engineer

Pannaga is a passionate engineering graduate student with two years of experience as an implementation engineer for large corporations. Her fascination with building APIs, web development, and machine learning projects led Pannaga to pursue a career in software development.

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