AdeptID and Grads of Life Awarded Competitive WorkRise Network Research Grant!

by Admin 10/20/2022

AdeptID is excited to announce we have been awarded a WorkRise 2022 Pilot Projects for Advancing Economic Mobility grant! We are honored to be among nine teams of cross-sector partnerships tasked with developing a pilot study of interventions aimed at improving economic security and mobility for low-wage workers and creating a more equitable labor market.

Alongside our long-time partner Grads of Life, we will work with a group of forward-thinking companies to test predictive models that use bias mitigation technology to identify otherwise overlooked talent within their existing applicant pools. This experimental study will track differences in hiring decisions between intervention and control groups and observe outcomes by company characteristics and job type. We aim to provide direct evidence that machine learning models, when ethically deployed, can reduce human bias in hiring and promote greater representation in the workforce.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has a track record of perpetuating or exacerbating bias in hiring decisions. We believe it can also be used to mitigate these biases, improve workforce diversity, and make it easier for employers to find talent. We’re excited about the opportunity to test and prove this in a public forum.

“If this research pilot is successful, our tech will enable companies across the US & its workforce to enhance their DEI initiatives, and provide a scalable, tech-first mechanism to vet and hire overlooked individuals. The AdeptID & Grads of Life teams have really enjoyed the support and collaboration from WorkRise so far, and we can’t wait to start this project!” 

-Rebecca Harbeck, Growth Manager

The project is an extension of what we are already passionate about at AdeptID:  getting more people, into better jobs, faster.  With support from WorkRise, Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth, and other funding partners, we have a remarkable opportunity to use machine learning to further innovate and improve Diversity Equity and Inclusion efforts.

The pilot project will officially kick off in January 2023. Read more about it here. And stay updated by following our Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram!

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