Brian Takes On FAccT Conference in Seoul!

by Admin 09/18/2022

Our co-founder, Brian DeAngelis, attended ACM FAccT 2022 (Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency (FAccT)) in Seoul, South Korea from June 21 – 24. FAccT Conference 2022 mainly tackled the topic of incorporating fairness into machine learning, viewed through two different lenses: the technical standpoint and the social component.

What did we learn?

Brian noted several interesting panel topics and themes:

1. Clever sourcing approaches for social media algorithms

Many major platforms are susceptible to biases within their code. Twitter was used as a case study and their solution was to allow the general public to make submissions with new code to get rid of biases.

2. AI Algorithms and Social Identity

A panel explored ways to improve implicit identity issues revolving around artificial intelligence algorithms in the LGBTQ community. Andrè Brock also discussed Weak Tie racism. The award-winning author explored ways in which racial micro/macro-aggressions have been threaded into major social media platforms and ways to help change such issues.

3. “Model multiplicity” and “measuring fairness”

Model multiplicity concerns the fact that there often exist multiple models for a given prediction task with equal accuracy that differ in their individual-level predictions or aggregate properties, but that focusing on accuracy alone may lead to failing to consider other criteria such as fairness, robustness, and interpretability. Also, Karen Hao participated in a very informative interview, conducted by William Issac, explaining many of the differences in AI ethics between China and the Western world. As technological systems become integrated on a global scale, it becomes increasingly important to understand both sides.

What does this mean for AdeptID?

At AdeptID, we are working hard to create a product that considers both “model multiplicity” and “measuring fairness”. Our technology supports skills-based talent discovery and career navigation to solve urgent workforce challenges around hiring and training, for a future of work that is equitable and inclusive. Our current software is successful in maintaining fairness across many metrics – though as this conference conveyed, there is always room for improvement!

Okay, but did Brian get to have any fun there?

Brian had a wonderful time and also got the chance to explore Seoul – a major highlight of his experience was going up the Lotte World Tower to Seoul Sky, the tallest observation deck in South Korea. AdeptID wants to thank those who helped organize and provide the chance to attend!

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