AdeptID Joins UKG Labs For Their Official Launch

by Admin 11/17/2022

Since July, AdeptID has had the pleasure of being a part of UKG’s Life-work Technology Labs!

AdeptID was one of six startups, chosen over 1,000 applications, to participate in the inaugural cohort and gain invaluable insight and mentorship from UKG, one of the largest Human Capital Management providers. 

As part of the Labs experience, UKG facilitated a series of workshops, 1:1 mentorship discussions, and customer interviews to improve and expand the capabilities of the startups involved. These workshops, 1:1 discussions, and customer interviews enabled AdeptID to build a better product. The experience assisted us in gaining a deeper perspective on how to approach our market. Industry leaders and other guest speakers provided tons of concrete situations where they’ve faced success, as well as failure. By listening to and collaborating with industry leaders, we started to iterate on and improve our branding, messaging, and product.

Spending time exchanging knowledge and learning from UKG has proved to be more than just beneficial. The connections made and the initiatives began because of this opportunity are priceless! We are extremely grateful towards UKG because of this. 

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