Announcing AdeptID’s Data Partnership with Emsi

by Fernando Rodriguez-Villa 11/19/2020


Today, we’re announcing a data partnership with Emsi, a leading provider of labor market data and analytics. Emsi has a world-class library of over 40,000 skills, which serve as essential ingredients for our machine learning models.

Emsi is a thought leader in using skills data to improve labor outcomes, and their partnerships across education and workforce development are a testament to the breadth and quality of their offering.

We’re excited by the opportunity to demonstrate some of the awesome potential of their data and tools and serve partners in a complementary way.

Last week, we talked about how outcomes data – real information on who’s getting hired, not hired, retained, and promoted – is “special sauce” for the AdeptID machine. We don’t need outcomes data to compare jobs and tell our users whether they are similar or different. But we do need it in order to make the predictions and recommendations that our employer and training provider partners need, and to tell us which skills are the ones that matter.

However, there is another, more fundamental part of our solution, and that is skills data. The matrix we have generated allows us to represent any individual as a composite of skills they’ve accumulated – not just their last job title. By looking at people’s latent, transferable skills, we can identify non-obvious, high-impact transitions.

Having the best possible skills data is critical to what we do, and Emsi’s extensive library of skills has helped our models show some really encouraging results. We will also be leveraging their Profile Data to make our recommendations as personalized as we can.

By using Emsi’s data to make high-impact predictions and recommendations about middle-skilled mobility, we can demonstrate some of what’s possible. We believe Emsi’s data and tooling can support an ecosystem of mission-aligned businesses such as ours. We’re excited to be a part of that ecosystem.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks and months for more detail on how Emsi Skills move the needle on our model performance as well as opportunities to learn and work with us.

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