Dan’s 1-Year Adeptiversary

by adeptidstg 06/21/2023

One year ago, Dan Restuccia joined the AdeptID team as Head of Product. To commemorate, we learned more about him.

Why did you choose to work at AdeptID?

I jumped at the chance to join AdeptID early – as employee #8 – because I love the challenge and energy that comes from building culture and products from scratch. I’m incredibly proud of how quickly we’ve been able to have an impact in the world with a small (but mighty) and growing team. I chose to join because of my connection to AdeptID’s mission to get more people into better jobs faster. Too often people looking for jobs don’t know the range of possibilities that are available to them and employers use overly specific and out-of-date approaches to hiring.

In what ways do you feel your work contributes to the AdeptID mission?

I’ve spent most my career working on improving educational and career opportunities including at Jobs for the Future and at Lightcast, so it is exciting we now have the chance to build software which helps everyone be more successful in the job market.

What is one of your favorite hobbies outside of work?

Outside of work, I love being outside. I enjoy biking and when I can, I love exploring New England with my family and our dog. 

What is one thing you try to influence the AdeptID team to do?

I am a year-round bike commuter and I try (almost always unsuccessfully) to convince my colleagues that biking is the best way to get to the office, even in the winter.

What are you looking forward to in the future of AdeptID?
Over the next year, I’m looking forward to increasing support for our anchor partners such as Year Up and continuing to release new and improved versions of our job matching models.

Dan and Fernando attending JFF Horizons!

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