AdeptID’s Favorite Dystopian AI Movies and TV Shows

by adeptidstg 06/30/2023

At AdeptID, our engineers work closely with AI models daily, but exploring the advanced world of machine learning in movies and television is always a fun way to embrace the portrayal of this cutting-edge tech in popular culture. Even though these portrayals may give AI, robots, and machine learning a bad rep for destroying humanity, we believe AI has a positive future but can be entertaining to see the dystopian perspective of AI gone wrong in our team’s five favorite dystopian AI movies and TV shows!

1. “Ex Machina” (2014), which follows a programmer who performs a Turing test to evaluate an advanced humanoid robot named Ava, is a favorite of Melissa and Sam. This film blurs the lines between humanity and AI, exploring consciousness and morality when Ava’s capabilities exceed wildest expectations.

2. One of our data scientists, Mary, enjoys the anime series “Psycho-Pass” (2012). This Japanese dystopian thriller explores AI through a biomechatronic system that scans individuals for criminal behavior, and imagines a potentially AI-ruled world balanced between privacy and scrutiny.

3. The film “I, Robot” (2004), directed by Alex Proyas and starring Will Smith, is one of our CEO Fernando’s favorites. Set in a futuristic world where AI robots and humans coexist, this movie follows a detective investigating the mysterious death of a prominent roboticist as he unravels a dangerous conspiracy that could lead to the enslavement of humanity.

4. The philosophically classic film, “The Matrix” (1999), has been used many times as an example to question AI simulation versus reality, and is one of Rebecca’s, our growth manager, favorites. The original film follows computer hacker Neo through the discovery of a reality simulated by machines, leading him to rebel against the machines to free humanity from their control.

5. The series “Black Mirror” features stand-alone dramas that skillfully blends satire and techno-paranoia, striking a chord with its exploration of the collective unease surrounding the impact of technology on both individuals and society at large. The episode “Be Right Back” is one of Hyunjun’s favorites, as it delves into an AI imitation system to mimic a passed loved one.

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