Partnering with Multiverse

by Fernando Rodriguez-Villa 12/14/2021

We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Multiverse.

Multiverse has been changing the game as a leading provider of apprenticeships, offering people of all ages an exciting alternative to college and corporate training.

Candidates that meet Multiverse’s criteria are paired with employers up-front. Their curriculum then balances training with coaches and on-the-job experience, allowing them to “learn while they earn”.

Multiverse’s model has attracted employer customers like Facebook, Morgan Stanley, and ClassPass, and their apprentice-alumni now number in the thousands a few short years after getting started.

This incredible momentum has presented an opportunity to be more data-driven in their assessment and admissions process.

In our first conversations, we saw an opportunity for AdeptID’s platform and inclusive approach to talent discovery and matching to help Multiverse meet the incredible demand they are experiencing.

Using our models and API, Multiverse will empower its admissions team to make skills-based decisions at scale. We can also help bring the highest level of consistency and data insights to improve the candidate-to-employer matching process.

Multiverse has a tremendous model for social mobility and economic empowerment, and it was clear from our first meeting that we wanted to work together.

There’s a lot of work to be done to ensure we reach the potential of the partnership, but the journey promises to be rewarding and fun.

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