Omar’s 1-Year Adeptiversary

by Admin 08/23/2022

A year ago, Omar Zaffar joined the AdeptID team as a Data Scientist. To celebrate his Adeptiversary, we sat down and asked him some questions:

Why did you chose to work at AdeptID?

This was easily AdeptID’s mission. Given my background, it was amazing to see a company push for skills based hiring. I dropped out of college to run my father’s business. After closing that business in the beginning of 2020, I joined a bootcamp to learn data science and found AdeptID through that bootcamp’s fellowship program. Meeting the team and getting to know AdeptID’s mission, and seeing the team put that mission into action by believing in me are the reasons I chose to join AdeptID.

In what ways do you feel your work contributes to the AdeptID mission?

The work I’ve been putting in is contributing to building the base foundation that our current and future products will be based upon! A great example of this is the constant work on training ethical models that can help eliminate bias in the hiring process.

What is your favorite moment from your time at AdeptID?

There are too many to count. If I had to bring it down to one, it would be the ski trip to Sugarbush, Vermont! This was my first time skiing and sadly for my bank account, it has become another occasional hobby of mine.

As a car enthusiast, which car do you hope to own and why?

This question is a tough one. I have a whole list of cars I want to own at least once. The one that immediately comes to mind is the Lotus Exige Cup 430 (6 speed manual, of course!).

As someone based in Los Angeles, where is your favorite place to eat in the city?

I can’t really say there’s an overall best for food in LA, but I have a list of my favorite places to eat depending on what I’m feeling! 

  • Italian: Fatto a Mano 

  • Japanese: n/naka

  • Subs: Dan’s Super Subs (but when it’s 1AM, Fat Sal’s take the cake)

  • Kbbq: BBQ STOP (outside of LA but worth the drive!)

  • Tacos: Chuy’s Tacos Dorados

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