AdeptID partners with Credo AI to implement Responsible AI practices in our models

by Admin 02/08/2023

From the start of AdeptID, we’ve built AI to address Talent challenges responsibly. We started this work alone, but have increasingly been encouraged by the work going on across the AI space to make sure models meet vital standards of fairness without sacrificing performance or complexity. We spent much of 2022 looking for the right partner for auditing and responsible design. Today, we’re happy to announce a partnership with Credo AI.

Partnering with Credo AI

In Credo AI, we found a partner that shares our core beliefs about Responsible and Ethical AI (that we started talking about here and here last year).

Regulations can and should be a force for good, but they are not the whole solution. AI Practitioners (such as AdeptID) and AI Buyers (like our customers) should take responsibility for building and using AI the right way. That means:

  • Models should be fair and transparent
  • Models should measure and mitigate bias against protected groups
  • Models should be explainable and practical
  • Models should be monitored continuously in the software itself

We love Credo AI not just because we’re on the same page about the principles, but because they share our passion for solving problems with software (they have public documentation, just like us!). Credo AI LensTM helps us ensure that our models stay fair, not just for the once-a-year “check-up” audits.

What to expect going forward

We’ve already implemented Credo AI’s tools to ensure that customer-specific models are compliant ahead of NYC’s upcoming AEDT regulation (and other upcoming regulation). Going forward, all of our models will be put to this standard. For core API models, we’ll be publishing associated audit materials documentation in our docs center. We’ll also be putting out “AI Impact Assessments” for each of our public models in addition to generating external audits for compliance with all relevant regulations.

We’re excited to be partnering with Credo AI on their own new product research, development, and roll-out, so that our models stay at the cutting edge of responsibility as they help more people, into better jobs, faster.

Expect more to come, but if you have any questions about what this means for our products, our business, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

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