Rebecca’s 1-Year Adeptiversary

by Admin 10/18/2022

It’s been a year now since Growth Manager, Rebecca Harbeck, joined the team! In honor of the day, we asked Rebecca some questions:

How did you find your way from teaching to AdeptID?

The initial transition out of the classroom was difficult. I submitted countless applications, did dozens of interviews, and was mostly rejected because I didn’t have prior “business” or “tech” experience despite having many of the key transferable skills required for these roles like grit, hustle, and communication. 

A company called brightwheel took a chance on me, and that’s where I started learning the art of software sales and gained insight into the ins-and-outs of a later-stage startup. While brightwheel is a great company transforming early education, I knew I wanted to join a much smaller company next. So when I read about AdeptID on GSV’s list of Top 200 EdTech startups, I resonated with its mission and novel perspective on how we should view talent. I emailed [email protected] saying I was interested, and the rest is history!

In what ways do you feel your work contributes to the AdeptID mission?

Since being at AdeptID, a large focus of my role has been building out partnerships with other future-of-work and edtech startups. In this capacity, I’ve had the privilege of learning from and collaborating with individuals creating niche workforce & learning solutions. Through partnering with mission-aligned startups, we hope to democratize access to ML software solutions often only available to large companies and to grow alongside startups that are leading the way in the future of learning and work. Through these relationships, we’ll be able to get More People Into Better Jobs, Faster. 

What is your favorite moment from your time at AdeptID?

When I was remote, I loved the offsites because I got to see the entire team in-person. From high-level goal setting to scenic hikes across New England to competitive board game playing, the offsites have always been an incredible team-bonding experience. Now that I’m in Boston, I’ve had the chance to further build relationships with the team and that has been very rewarding.

Which foot race do you hope to complete one day and why? 

The team knows I’m a big runner. This year, I decided I want to run the 6 Major Marathons. These 6 take place each year in Chicago, Boston, New York, London, Berlin, and Tokyo. To date, I’ve run 4 marathons but none of these 6 so I’m hoping to knock London off my list in April 2023! 

Would you consider yourself to be the best Wordle player on the team? If so, why?

I don’t think I’m the best, but I am probably the most consistent. (Does that count for something?) For most Wordle attempts, I get the answer in 4-5 tries but I’ve had the occasional 2-3 try miracle and have struck out a couple of times, especially recently. 

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