Mary Wang

by Fernando Rodriguez-Villa 04/14/2023

Mary is a passionate Data Scientist with a strong interest in HR and Big Data. Her goal is to leverage her skills in Data Science to tackle challenges in Human Resource Management and shape the Future of Work. Her enthusiasm for this field stems from her previous experience at Tencent People Analytics team, where she witnessed the power of data in driving effective HR strategy. Mary was honored as the Winner of the Wharton People Analytics Annual Case Competition in 2022 where she demonstrated her expertise by analyzing how organizations can tackle the Great Attrition.

Prior to joining AdeptID, Mary worked on a diverse range of Data Science projects at Quora and Apple. Her experience spans from building dashboards, designing metrics and experiments, to conducting causal inference analysis and developing statistical models. Mary holds a Master’s degree in Management Science and Engineering from both Columbia University and Tsinghua University, where she honed her skills in the science of engineering and the art of business.

In her free time, Mary is an avid musical fan. During her time at Columbia, she attended over 30 broadway shows in one year.

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