Announcing Evan Williams, our new Head of Engineering

by Fernando Rodriguez-Villa 12/17/2021

We’re so excited to announce Evan Williams as our new Head of Engineering.

As an engineer, Evan has done it all. He’s led teams as manager and architect. He’s been on the founding teams of startups and led major projects at Google (where he worked over 5 years). He’s even done stints in product and as an SRE. Most recently, he’s served as Principal Software Engineer at PathAI, a leading application of AI in the healthcare space. He’s been incredibly reflective on his life as an engineer – we really enjoyed reading this article he wrote as we got to know him – and he’s hungry to build more.

As a human being, Evan couldn’t be a better fit for us. At each company he’s worked at, he’s pushed for hiring processes and team building to be more inclusive and oriented around potential. Over the course of his career, he’s been a mentor to a generation of engineers who credit him with making them the developers and professionals they are today – we got to meet some of these during the hiring process! He himself didn’t graduate college, having left MIT after two years to get an early start on his career.

Not only is Evan the engineer and manager to help us realize the very ambitious vision of our company, but he’s also committed to building an engineering organization that reflects our mission.

“When I first met Fernando and Brian, I thought they had bugged my house to figure out what my dream job was. I’ve been looking for this combination of mission, technology, and team for a very long time.”

As excited as we are that he’s joining us, we honestly don’t know the extent of what’s possible now that he’s part of the AdeptID story; we can’t wait to find out!

Please join us in welcoming Evan!

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