Welcome, Nidhi and Sam!

by Fernando Rodriguez-Villa 01/19/2022

We’re pleased to announce the arrival of two terrific engineers to AdeptID! They are both joining us through Northeastern’s Coop program, an amazing source of talent aligned with AdeptID’s values of learning by working. (This is program is how we found Tammi and Kenyon!)

Nidhi Shah



Nidhi is from India and is currently pursuing her Master’s in Computer Science from Northeastern University. Prior to her masters, she has worked at JP Morgan Chase as a Software Engineer for 4 years. She has experience in designing and developing backend microservices along with troubleshooting and maintaining applications. She joins AdeptId as part of her co-op program.

Nidhi loves the mountains and the sea. You can either find her hiking or painting during the weekend.

Sam Richards

Sam is from the UK and is currently studying for a double major in Computer Science and Physics at Northeastern University in Boston.  He joins AdeptID as part of their Coop program.  He has worked previously on neural network development for embedded systems and has been developing high-performance image classifiers and detectors for these devices.

In his spare time, he can be found at the gym or, during the summer break, as a caddy at Brookline Country Club.  He is a keen sailor and skier.

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