Welcome Ken and Rollin!

by adeptidstg 06/26/2023

AdeptID welcomed our newest team members Ken and Rollin. We are thrilled to have them join!

Kenneth Hoffmann

Senior Software Engineer

Ken has spent the last 12 years working for several tech startups in the Boston area in a variety of fields. His experiences span a multiple of industries such as cloud data backup and Big Data, music, e-commerce and two-sided marketplaces, and job placement. Throughout his career, Ken has worked as a backend engineer, full stack engineer, team technical lead, as well as a staff engineer in multiple programming languages. In his free time, Ken is working on learning Italian and has enjoyed turning his backyard into a garden of native perennials. Additionally, Ken is also a strong advocate for transit and housing. We are excited to welcome Ken to AdeptID as a senior software engineer!

Rollin Sykes

Marketing Associate

Rollin is a rising senior at the University of Southern California majoring in Psychology with a minor in Occupational Science and Therapy. With her interest in the psychological understandings of company inner workings, employment changes, and company growth, her relevant experience in psychology and interest in marketing brought her to AdeptID to commence in the professional workforce as a marketing associate. When not engaged in professional pursuits, Rollin competitively rides horses in show jumping competitions and enjoys cooking and spending time with her dogs.

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