Rollin’s Internship Reflection

by adeptidstg 08/22/2023

As my summer as a Marketing Associate for AdeptID is coming to a close, I find myself reflecting on the experiences, valuable insights, and skills I’ve gained over the past three months. 

During this time, I have had the privilege of learning all things “marketing” at AdeptID, specifically focusing on curating and creating content for the company’s LinkedIn, Twitter, and website. This role has allowed me to expand my knowledge in the world of AI, learning about its potential to be used for more job and economic mobility, the importance of skills-based hiring, and the future of work when it comes to using AI in hiring. 

Contributing to AdeptID’s online presence and engaging with like-minded companies and people has enriched me with skills and knowledge beyond my initial experience and expectations. Here are some of my key takeaways:

New Skills and Knowledge

Curating and creating content for AdeptID became one of my main roles at the company. Coming up with and writing new blog posts (leveraging the capabilities of ChatGPT), like “Not Another Marvel Movie: Navigating Skepticism and Embracing Optimism for AI & Hiring”, was a large component of my internship and allowed me to expand my writing capabilities to topics I was not familiar with and make comparisons to pop culture or daily life that could resonate with a larger audience. 

Using LinkedIn and Twitter to spread awareness on informative articles and celebrate team additions and anniversaries showed me the importance of a strong online presence and taught me not only trivial elements like scheduling posts and creating polls, but the need for personalization and connection on social media, and the constant flow of content to stay relevant in the large world of tech. 

Finally, exposure to technologies and sites like WordPress, Figma, and Hubspot expanded my writing, layout, and graphic design skills and was a really fun way to create more content, like the Summer Newsletter, for AdeptID.

Favorite Moments

While working as a remote employee may not have provided the most engaging work experience, the weekly team meetings and communicating with everyone via Slack made me feel just as a part of the team as anyone. Monday meetings always had me looking forward to what was upcoming in the week, not only for items related to me but for the entire team — it was the most fun when I could see everyone’s excitement for the future, like signing with new partners or completing updates to our technology. By the end of the week, I never failed to smile in the Group Standups, whether that be a reaction of hearing each team member celebrate someone else with our company values or from the “banter” section of the meetings. 

One specific moment during my time that I really enjoyed was joining Rebecca in meeting the founders of Escalate, Sean Segal and Sienna Daniel, for our first Partner Spotlight, which became a series including companies like PAIRIN, and a few more lined up. Hearing them speak about their drive and mission for founding Escalate and the job transitions they each underwent before founding their company was very inspiring and aided my professional growth by conversing and connecting with leaders in the industry. 

In The Future

I am heading back to school to commence my senior year as a Psychology major at the University of Southern California. The valuable skills I have gained in writing, content creation, graphic design, social media management, and connecting with more individuals will not only help me succeed in my final year of college, but most definitely support my professional career wherever I end up. Thank you especially to Fernando and Rebecca, and to everyone at AdeptID for supporting (and baring with) me this summer, and I wish you all the best of luck in helping more people get better jobs, faster!

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