Thankful in 2022

by Fernando Rodriguez-Villa 11/23/2022

As we gird our stomachs and tune in to watch football (or futbol), we wanted to reflect quickly on all that we’re thankful for this year.

Being able to do complicated and meaningful work is an incredible privilege. Getting to do that work alongside kind, talented, and ambitious people is even more rare and special.

We started the company because we want that special experience for everyone. It’s a big thing to want, and we are far from making the impact we’re looking for. But we are much further along than we were when we started just over two years ago.

This year, we’re thankful for:

  • A team of 19 amazing people who bring passion and acumen to their work every day. We’ve been joined by new team members over the past year who have dramatically expanded the potential of what we can accomplish; learning from them has been a source of joy and growth
  • Mission-driven investors who keep us focused on growth and impact, even as the economic backdrop darkens
  • Commercial partners who trust our technology (and us) to get more people into better jobs, faster (>5,000 people this year!)
  • Other partners, like
    • Workrise, who gave us a transformative grant to measure our technology’s impact
    • B Lab, for making us officially a B Corp
    • UKG Labs, who have incorporated us into their ecosystem and indoctrinated us into the world of HCM systems
    • The hundreds of people who have made an intro, or offered feedback, or worn our t-shirt
  • Our friends and families, who’ve cheered us on and lifted us up as we pursue our dreams here

Of course, AdeptID is made up of people with rich lives outside of our work with each other. This year, we’ve been lucky to travel the world, learn and play new games, make new friends, fall in love, and watch our families grow.

We hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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